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Super Food Ideas (Heinz Big Red Recipe Search Competition)

This is the original photo I submitted along with the recipe to the Heinz Big Red Condensed soup recipe search competition run by Super Food Ideas Magazine. I was so excited when I received the call from Kim Coverdale. My recipe for my broccoli, ricotta and mince lasagne had been accepted as a finalists recipe. What did that mean for me? An all expenses paid trip to Sydney, a wonderful stay at a hotel, an incredible meal at a 3 hat chef restaurant, a cook-off to cook our recipes, a fabulous prize for all the finalists and the opportunity to meet the people who bring so much joy in our lives through their love and passion for food and their magazine!

The Cooking Begins...

Concentrating hard not to chop my fingers with these fabulously sharp knives. Loved them so much, they make everything so quicker!

Having So Much Fun...

What should have taken me 20 minutes to chop took me an hour.  Nigel the photographer was very chatty taking lots of photos, trying to get the perfect one, Rebecca and Kim were popping by to "check in" and Carmel came by to learn a little more about me. I dont think I have ever talked or smiled so much. It was so much fun:-)

Adding the Final Touches...

Putting the final layer to my lasagne. Its so strange when you are cooking in unfamiliar surroundings. I would have had it in the oven in half the time if I was at home but I couldnt help but pace myself and enjoy the moment.

Sigh of Relief...

The sigh of relief when the lasagne finally comes out of the oven. Now to patiently wait for it to cool down to cut a couple of slices for the judges to try. Its at this point I realise how tired I am yet the adrenalin rush does not let me rest. I had to take the dishes in another room where the judges were waiting. It was a little like Masterchef where you had to stand n front of the judges and tell them about your dish and how you went. I thought I was going to pass out. But Rebecca and Kim were so nice, they made sure I felt comfortable.

Feeling Great!

What a fantastic feeling to see this is the current Super Food Ideas Magazine. How priveledged myself and the others were that out of hundreds of entries ours were deemed best. We are all winners recieving a handsome prize from Heinz and the major winner cooked the best meal on the day. What a wonderful experience, one that I will never forget.

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